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Age – 14
State – New Jersey
Gym – 10th Planet Newton
Belt – Green
Instructors – Professor Jason Milley and Jason Ramos
Instagram – @firelily10p
Accomplishments –
Finishers Super fight Gold medalist
Finishers Open Gold Medalist
NAGA Expert Gold Medalist
Good Fight Tournament Advanced Gold Medalist
Goals – “I strive to be one of the youngest black belts and continue with my own gym.”
“I am Liliana Ramos, I have been training nogi bjj since 2014. I am also a member of my of my high school wrestling team and Iron Horse Wrestling Club. This helps me to  improve my jiu-jitsu 100 times better. I will continue to train and eventually teach what my coaches have taught me. Jiujitsu is life to me, the gym is where  my family is. I have attached myself to a sport that not only keeps me active, but  one that lets me express emotion through my body when rolling. jiujitsu helps me keep my mind off everything that has happened through my life and just to express myself in a better way. I am honored to have SicChic fight along with me on the the mats.”
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