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SicChíc® is the creation of freelance illustrator and graphic artist Wendy L. Jarva. For over thirty years the Brooklyn, Bensonhurst  native had a passion for art and design that was nourished and fueled by her creative gifts. In addition to being a talented artist she is also an avid martial artist, earning both an Orange belt in Krav Maga and Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Fortunately for her—training in Krav Maga would eventually save this young artist’s life. This very life saving event would be the precursor to the eventual birth of the SicChíc® brand.

It was in 2011, while training with her sister that this life changing event would occur. They were sparring when her sister slipped a punch in that landed on her right breast. This strike seemed to be a lot more painful than normal, and it was the very first indication that something may be wrong with her health. After she underwent a battery of tests and a biopsy, the unfortunate news was given to her two days later—she had breast cancer.

The news crushed her. She had a loving family with a husband and two very young boys. She was only 39 years-old at the time. She was in complete disbelief how this could happen to someone who lived such a healthy life style. Thankfully the cancer was caught very early, but because of her age she had to undergo treatment which included chemotherapy. One year of her life was stolen. However, this set back did not keep her down. She overcame it with the same reverence and desire she would put into her work in learning martial arts.

That is the foundation of what SicChíc® sits upon. With her fight and victory over cancer, an enlightened soul was born. “After having cancer in 2011, I lost my fear of change. I am willing to take risks,” she said. So with that renewed enthusiasm for life, she created the brand SicChíc®. A brand specifically geared towards women mixed martial artists.

Since 2013 SicChíc® has grown by leaps and bounds. Banners and merchandise booths can be found at events all over the United States. SicChíc® is also a sponsor of the worldwide known organization Girls ‘in Gi’s  (GIG). Girls ‘in Gi’s  is an organization dedicated to building and strengthening the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community for females and as a whole. SicChíc® also sponsors many talented jiu-jitsu players, professional/amateur fighters—including combatants that have fought for mixed martial arts promotions Invicta FC (seen on UFC Fight Pass), Legacy on AXIS.TV, Bellator MMA on Spike TV. SicChíc® has also been shown on the AMC Network.  SicChíc® is also a sponsor of Submission Hunter Pro seen seen on UFC Fight Pass, The Good Fight Sub Only Tournament and NJBJJF.

Currently, SicChíc® is sold on, Grapplers Planet,, and a few brick and mortar fight shops.

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