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Age – 13

State – NY

Belt – Orange

School- 10th Planet Long Island

Instructors Steve Kasten, James Hassemann & Dan Lee

Instagram kaybjj10p

*NY Goodfight summer classic-Gold medalist *Naga Grappling-Gold medalist & 2x silver medalist *Goodfight no points-3x silver medalist *Goodfight Submission only-5x Gold medalist & 1x silver medalist *Pride BJJ-Gold medalist  * Goodfight Worlds-Gold medalist *Naga Championship 2018-1st place samurai sword * Naga Championship 2019-1st place Belt *Sogi 3 Tournament- 1st place * Sogi 4- 1st place *Grapplefest-Silver medalist

Goals…I want to work my way up to a black belt and I hope to open my own school someday. I want to give back to the community that has given me so much! Also, my love for all animals is the reason I hope to become a Veterinarian.
“My name is Kaylee Bridgwood and I have been training BJJ for 6 years now. Jiujitsu has helped me in many ways including boosting my confidence a lot! When I take my first step on those mats, everything that has happened that day just goes away. My school is like a family to me and since I roll with all adults, I have a great support system there and believe me when I say they DO NOT take it easy on me!!
 “I love competing because whether I win or lose, I am always learning something from my opponents. Jiu Jitsu is the best thing to ever happen to me and I intend to continue learning and showing the world what I can do”
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