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Five years ago on March 24th at 2:54 in the afternoon my life changed in a matter of seconds.



March 24th 2016 marked my 5 year milestone as a breast cancer survivor. It has been said if your cancer has not recurred by five years after initial diagnosis; the chance of a later recurrence is very small. I hope this little bit of information holds true, because it does bring me a small amount of comfort.

Five years ago on March 24th at 2:54 in the afternoon my life changed in a matter of seconds. Time stopped and you had no choice but to hit the pause button on your life. Today 5 years have passed from this very moment and I can reflect back on how cancer has also made me free. It was Jim Morrison that once said “Expose yourself to your deepest fear. After that, you are free.” Jim couldn’t be more right. Cancer stripped me of everything – my health, my beauty, my life as I knew it. It put me and my family in a position of financial hardship. I lost everything I valued and that helped to put my life in perspective. This brings you to a whole new reality.  The little things that seemed so very important so long ago are not important any longer. Cancer can make a selfish person selfless. This doesn’t seem to happen for everyone. I wasn’t a selfish person before cancer, but I think I have become even more selfless.

In the past 4 years I have accomplished many great things. I went on to receive both my yellow and orange belt in Krav Maga. Today I am also a 4 tip white belt in Jiu-Jitsu (patiently waiting to be a blue). I am on a mission and nothing is going to stop me from making it happen. I have put in so much mat time that my very first tip is a light white/tan color. That white belt is so special to me – I carry it around everywhere. It symbolizes all the hard work I put in everyday. There is no quit in me. When that day comes when I receive my blue belt, I know in my heart of hearts that I have earned it! I never have used my cancer as an excuse – in fact, I am not even sure if my Sensei’s realize I roll around the mat with a double mastectomy or that I even had cancer at all??  I am not going to lie, it did feel a little uncomfortable and strange in the beginning. I was rolling around being squished and put in all kinds of crazy jiu-jitsu moves. I did question if this would be a good idea, but it is amazing what your body will adjust to if you push yourself. I roll hard and I roll with everyone. I hate pity and wouldn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me and take it easy. If that was the case, then that belt would be meaningless and worthless. A belt is only as good as the knowledge behind it.

Today, I am very proud of all that I have accomplished and continue to accomplish. I have grown and Sicchic© has grown as well. I am what warriors are made of. I give 100% everyday- all day. I am very passionate about my company, my life, my family and my jiu-jitsu. Currently we are in the process of re-vamping our entire website and moving into the world of fitness – adding trendy, vibrant yoga pants to our already highly ranked leggings and spats. Keep your eye out for some of my new chic designs.

On the charity forefront, I have been able to contribute and raise over $35,000.00 that has gone to fund research on breast cancer. Today Sicchic© and Moms Who Kick Inc–a 501 (c ) Public charity–have combined efforts and we are currently funding a project over at the Monter Cancer Center in New Hyde Park, NY. I have a lot to be proud of. I have created something out of nothing and continue to give back in the process. Here Here…. Cheers to another 5 years of life! #sicchicfighter.

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