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Age- 17
State- Ohio
Gym- Monarch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy
Belt- Blue
Double gold (gi and no gi) Sliver (no gi) The Good Fight
Double gold (gi and no gi) GUTS
Naga Sword and Naga Belt winner along with triple gold Naga Pittsburgh
Triple gold (gi and no gi) Pittsburgh Classic
Double gold (gi and no gi) Western P.A.
Double gold (gi and no gi) Double silver (gi and no gi) FUJI
Goals- Never give up on this amazing journey.
Instagram- kylee_coyote_bjj
       “When I first started jiu jitsu I didn’t realize how much of an impact this journey would have on my life. I suffered from depression. Jiu jitsu got me through those tough times and I’m beyond grateful. I’ve created bonds and accomplished amazing things that would’ve never happened with out this martial art. “
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