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Age – 17

State – Houston, Texas

Belt – Purple

School-  Carlson Gracie

Instructors: Jared Chaffee & Carlson Gracie Jr.

Instagram: @baldstrongmona

My most important jiu jitsu accomplishments so far are multiple BFA, IBJJF, Submission Hunter Pro and 3rd Coast Grappling Titles.

 “My name is Mona Bailey and I started jiu-jitsu at the age of 9. I am the 7th of 10 children. My biggest accomplishments off the mat is providing wigs for kids that cannot afford them, through my Foundation The feeling I get helping out other Alopecians, is so much more satisfying than any Gold medal, Belt or Trophy.
Living life with alopecia has definitely been a journey for me to say the least. I was diagnosed at 9 after I joined jiu-jitsu and I feel if it weren’t for jiu-jitsu then I would’ve not have been able to get through it the way I did. I am enjoying the regrowth of my hair.. it as it comes in and I feel I am well equipped to handle it, if it were to fall out again. I can not be more grateful for the platform I have. 

The best part is I LOVE competing!! I  win some and lose some, but l am always learning from both. Most importantly,  I always go out and to have fun. My goals are to continue my Black Belt Journey, and to continue my Bald Strong Mona Foundation Movement, & to continue to help contribute to the female jiu-jitsu culture. Always with Respect and High Standards, Just like a SicChicFighter Should!! “

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