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Age: 14

State: Mississippi

Gym: Alan Belcher MMA Gulfport

Belt: Green

Instructor Mike Sanford, Brandon Davis, Jason Knight, Diego M


12 Year old BFA Champion

Empire Super fight winner

Garcia Superfight winner (5 times)

Naga world Gold metalist ( multiple time)

AGF womens Blue Belt Gold metalist (first time as an 11 year old)

Copa gold metal

Good fight Gold Metalist

Social media

Instagram- emilytheshowstopperohr

Facebook- Emily the Showstopper Ohr

Youtube-Emily the Showstopper Ohr

A little about me….

What made me start Jiu Jitsu?

“I had tried every sport you could imagine. My parents are firm belivers in staying in some sort of activity.  My dad asked me if I wanted to try MMA (as a joke). Well  I said yes!  At this time I am taking medication for anxiety. I started Jiu Jitsu one month later at Alan Belcher MMA. I started in the junior MMA class.  I didn’t start doing Jiu Jitsu till 3 months after I stated. My instructor was Coach Mike Sandford. Needless to say I loved it.  I’ve Been training with Coach Mike ever since. I was taken off all my anxiety medications within 6 months of Starting BJJ. It taught me to refocus and helped me get my anxiety under control. Don’t get me wrong I still have anxiety but I’m able to manage it. I’ve Been doing BJJ for 6 years now and hopefully this year I will have my debut as a female MMA fighter.

I love this sport and highly encourage anyone to try it!”

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