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Hailey McDevitt


State- Pennsylvania

Gym- Leve BJJ

Belt- Blue

Instructors- Amanda Leve and Evan Leve

Accomplishments-  Multiple Good Fight gold medalist Teen and Adult, Men of War Pro Champion, Finishers Sub-Only Competitor, 2x Naga Teen Expert Silver, Naga Women’s 115lb and Women’s Absolute Bronze Finalist competitor

Goals- My goal is to continue to grow and get better in every facet of my Jiu-Jitsu game. I want to compete against the best women in world and prove that I belong with the best in the world. I want to continue and compete on the biggest stages in BJJ and hopefully one day qualify for ADCC and compete in front of the whole world like my coach Amanda Leve! One day I would love to coach or even open a gym with my sister.

Instagram- @celtic_princess_1804

“I am Hailey McDevitt, and I have been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2017. I am an Honor student at Mast Charter School in Philadelphia. Training BJJ started when my younger brother was having issues with bullies at school. The first time I stepped mat I loved it and my family and I have trained together ever since. As an undersized woman I have learned that I have to push myself harder when competing and rely on my technique rather than strength. Competing on some big stages can always make someone nervous, but I have learned to stay calm and take every opportunity offered to me. I will never turn down a fight no matter who the opponent is! That is one of the best parts about BJJ, you are constantly learning and pushing yourself to be the best. Along with training, I have also been given the opportunity to teach and help with the kid’s classes –which is amazing! I am able to share my knowledge with the younger students which helps them to build confidence.  Along with BJJ I have also trained in Muay-Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing.”

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