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Age: 10

State: Texas

Gym: Aguilera BJJ Studio/Brasa

Professor: Marco Aguilera

Belt: Grey/Black


-2019 Jiu-Jitsu World League Female Season Champion

-2019 Top Ranked Fighter Award JJWL

-Gold Medalist: WBJJF, NAGA, AGF, Newbreed, TXBJJF, Underground Submission

-Fight2Win Open Division Silver Medalist


Goals: Earn my black belt, to teach and eventually be an influential figure in the sport of BJJ!

“I am Mila “Kaiju” Martorano and started jiu-jitsu before I was 4 years old. I originally trained under Carlos Machado and since moving in 2019 train under Marco Aguilera. I started competing when I was 8 and in my first tournament placed 2nd against boys. I was hooked on competing in BJJ from that point knowing I could compete against others I viewed as stronger and bigger than me. Competing provides me the opportunity to be able to control my emotions and think in stressful situations. Every competition helps me challenge myself, understand mistakes and learn from them. Through my faith and commitment to practicing jiu-jitsu I can confidently stand up for myself and others while being more prepared for the unexpected. I love the BJJ community and have made valuable friends during my young BJJ journey. Overall, I view BJJ as a long journey that I just started and intend to continue my entire life through participation and eventually teaching. I have learned through my family it all starts with commitment, which creates consistency, which creates results. I may not be the strongest, fastest, or most dominate but I am committed, which will help me persevere in life. When I am not rolling on the mats, I enjoy playing outdoors and serving every week in the kids service at my church. I love encouraging other young girls to be confident, determined and of course committed to something special to them. I am very grateful to be part of the Sicchic family and represent them as a sponsored athlete on and off the mats. Thank you to the Sicchic Team!”

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