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Age – 11

State – Decatur, IL

Gym – Pedigo Submission Fighting

Belt – Yellow

Instructors – Chad Hawkins and Heath Pedigo

Accomplishments –  Sun-Yoon has competed all around the United States and Japan.

IBJJF Chicago Open (2018 and 2019) Gold, IBJJF American Nationals (2019), and JBJJF Fukuoka (2019).

Her record in super fights is 4-0 (Submission Hunter Pro, Sub Spectrum, and Fuji World Pro).

She has also won at the expert level at Grappling Games, NAGA, Fuji BJJ, Grappling Industries, Submission Challenge, AGF, NJJF, and Pedigo Submission Fighting King of the Mat.

“I am Sun-Yoon, my goals are to become a world champion at every level and own a school to help law enforcement and domestic violence survivors.”

Instagram – s_y.karas

Facebook @sykaras

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