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Age: 11

State: Pennsylvania

Gym: Leve BJJ

Belt: Senior Gray Belt

Instructors: Amanda & Evan Leve


  • NAGA No Gi Champion
  • Naga 4X Gi & No Gi Gold Medalist
  • Fuji Gi & No Gi Gold medalist
  • UGC 2X  No Gi Super Fight Gold medalist
  • Good Fight Gi & No Gi Gold Medalist
  • Men of War No Gi Superfight Gold Medalist


“To follow in my coaches footsteps and be one of the best female Jujitsu fighters in the world”

Instagram: @Hinklegoonsquad_Payton

“Hi, I am “Payton Hinkle” and started Jujitsu at age 8. I found Jujitsu by chance when my older brother was having issues with bullies as school, a gym opened behind my house so my parents took him to a class.  He enjoyed it so much that my parents decided to have me and my younger sister try too. At first, it was a little intimidating but I quickly fell in love with the sport. Jumping in head first we have spent 6 days a week in the gym since.  Jujitsu is a great sport for girls, it has helped me to feel confident and I know that I can protect myself if I ever need to. I am so happy to have found my current coach Amanda Leve.  It’s awesome to be coached by one of the top females in the sport of Jujitsu.  I just love to compete, walking on to the mat I am always filled with nerves and anxiety but once I “slap, bump, roll” everything changes and I feel in my element.

I know how to stay calm under pressure and control my emotions which I owe to Jujitsu.

When I’m not in the Jujitsu gym, you can find me at gymnastics, where I train and compete for the YMCA since age 7.  Outside of sports, I am an honor roll student, play the violin, and am on the choir for school. I also served on the student council, where I enjoy working on projects to give back to people who are in need.  Additionally, I volunteer at SPIN in the Recreation Therapy Department where my mom works. SPIN is a non-profit organization that supports individuals with Intellectual and Developmental disability and Autism.  I love helping during special events and being able to interact and assist the individuals that she supports.  I also am part of the performing arts group at SPIN, which is an inclusive theater program. I have performed in their theater productions since I was 6 years old.   I enjoy being on stage and take pride in helping and assisting the cast members that need a little extra help.

I am grateful to be part of the Jujitsu community and a member of the Sicchic army!”

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