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Age- 24
State- Alaska
Gym- Alaska Center for the Martial Arts (ACMA)
Coaches- Kru Logan Thornton and Professor Chris Malgeri
Belt- Blue
Goals- To one day compete in Invicta, ONE Championship, the UFC or Bellator (pretty much
fighting in a major ring somewhere)
“My name is Katie Halley and I am an MMA and Muay Thai fighter from Eagle River, Alaska. I
coach kids and non competitive adults for a living, as well as run fitness programs. Being so far
north can make it hard to find opportunities to compete in my home town, and my team and I
often have to travel long distances. Day after day I am struck with how lucky I am at their love
and dedication to help me reach my goals. They have made me who I am and become just as
much my family as my mom and dad. I suffer from many mental health issues and can honestly
say that without martial arts and the friends I have made there, I wouldn’t be here today. I train
5-6 days a week and I’m constantly striving to improve every aspect of my game. I love what I
do and hope to continue to do it for many years to come. I am SicChic!”
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