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Age – 12
State – California
Gyms – Gracie Humaita Temecula and SoCal Judo
Belt – Yellow/White (BJJ)  and Yellow (Judo)
Instructors – Professor Ricardo Guimaraes (BJJ) and Coach Israel Hernandez (Judo)
Instagram – @lariah.gill
Accomplishments – In my first year or competing I was able to accomplish the following:
#1 Ranking for 2019 NABJJF Gi (North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation)
#1 Ranking for 2019 NABJJF NoGi (North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation)
2019 JJWL Season Champion (Jiu Jitsu World League)
Gold at 2019 JJWL World Championship
2019 SJJIF World Champion Gi (Sports Jiu Jitsu International Federation)
2019 SJJIF World Champion NoGi (Sports Jiu Jitsu International Federation)
Silver at 2019 Dream State Championship
2-1 record for Super Fights (Submissions On The Shore, Submission Hunter Pro)
Goals – I hope to one day be a UFC fighter and have my own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School.
Outside of martial arts – I love to spend time with my family and help others.  I also love to do crafts.
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